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Elaha Noorzai is the founder, CEO and director of LASHIOUS BY EL, Certified in Classic Lash Extensions, Hybrid Lash Extensions, Volume and Mega Volume Lash Extensions.

Elaha graduated as an Early Childhood Educator and a Montessori Teacher in 2019. Upon her graduation, she started her career as a teacher and moved her way up to a Montessori teacher. She has over 5 years of experience in the teaching field.

Back in the beginning of 2020, Elaha started her interest in lash Extensions, she craved for more knowledge, which led her searching for more and practicing her skills. She was more than happy to be doing something that gave her so much joy and excitement. Although Elaha started her lash extension journey not much long ago but her interest in the beauty field has been there since a little girl. Elaha has also had a career as a part time makeup artist for 2 years while being a full time student but her passion for doing lashes took over. 

Towards the end of 2020, Elaha decided to get certified as a lash Technician and began to practice each set for hours and hours till she got better at doing each set. Elaha’s lash extension journey was not as smooth as it may sound but her dedication and hard work made it all come true. Elaha started doing lashes for others and began to see how her clients loved her work which encouraged her to get better at what she does day by day. Elaha then started to come out with her own lash shampoo which again was loved by her clients. Elaha saw how so many other girls were interested in learning how to do lashes but were too scared to start. She decided to help those girls and started to teach the lash extension course herself and tried to be a support system for those girls as she herself was in that position when she first started. 

Her business grew, Elaha decided to get her own studio in February of 2021. As this was such a big move for Elaha but she took this challenge and is working day and night to make this studio a great place for her clients. 

As Elaha started to communicate with more new lash technicians, she began to see how difficult it was for them to find good quality products for doing lashes at affordable prices. After months of testing each product she picked the best of the best for her company and her customers with the most affordable prices. She ensured that all her products met the high Quality standards, which produced quality work for other artists as it did for her. 









Private Lash Training

Classic, Hybrid and Volume Training

This online and in person course has everything that you need to get you through your first 15-20 to lash sets and once you are done you will be sent the certificate.

The Kit Includes:
– Lashious By El Booklet
– Mannequin Head
– Practice Lashes For Mannequin
– 4 Lashious By El Volume Treys
– 1 Classic Mix trey
– Glue rings
– Eye lash brushes
– Lint Free wipes
– Volume Tweezer
– Isolation Tweezer
– Eye Patches
– Glue
– Tape
– Remover
– Glue Stickers
– Fan
– Micro Disposable Applicators
– Nano mister

This Course is a 2 Day program, the first day we will be going through theories and a mannequin practice and the second day it will be a live model practice. The educator will help you through the whole process both days.

What Our Beautiful & Happy Clients Say About Us

Got my classics done by her, she's a pro at what she does. I promise you she would not disappoint!

Bahara Noorzai

I got my volume lashes by lashiousbyel and i was obsessed. My lashes were full and fluffy for about 2 good weeks.

Ghazal Yousife

Love my lashes! Elaha is so professional and excellent at what she does! Highly recommend her!

Eliana Geoi

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